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Scientists from different research institutions are dedicating their efforts and knowledge to understand, translate, and improve communication on COVID-19 to other researchers, medical doctors, health professionals, politicians, and civil society. Here you will find relevant up to date research findings from all over the world reviewed and detailed by scientists, edited and translated by science communicators.

All scientists may contribute with a digest. To do so please send the paper(s) together with a digest to our editors:


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Jorge Carneiro (IGC, PT)
Domingos Henrique (iMM, PT)
Dinis Calado (Francis Crick Institute, UK)
Maria João Amorim (IGC, PT)
Teresa Serra (iBET, PT)
Isabel Gordo (IGC, PT)
Gabriela Gomes (Ist Med, UK)
Tiago Paixão (IGC, PT)
Ricardo Águas (Universidade de Oxford, UK)
Miguel Soares (IGC, PT)



This page does not provide national or international health guidelines. The selection of the scientific articles is based on a personal selection of the scientists and editors who contribute to this page. The published digests are simplified for the sake of clarity.