Advanced BioImaging and BioOptics Experimental (AbbE) Platform at Champalimaud Research

Gulbenkian Ciência   Advanced Imaging at IGC

   Bacterial Imaging Cluster at ITQB-NOVA

    Bioimaging Unit at iMM

          Microscopy Facility at NMS


At the COLife bioimaging facilities, researchers can find state-of-the art microscopy equipment and services. Researchers can perform imaging across all dimension scales from nano to mesoscopy.


Bioimaging Techniques @ COLife:

  • Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM / CLSM)
  • Spinning disc confocal microscopy systems (SDCM)
  • Deconvolution widefield microscopy (DWM)
  • Multiphoton microscopy systems (MMS)
  • Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRF)
  • Photo activated localization microscopy (PALM)
  • Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM)
  • Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM)
  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS)
  • Fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy (FCCS)
  • Fluorescence-lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM)
  • Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP)
  • Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
  • High-throughput microscopy (HTM)
  • Selective plane illumination microscopy (SPIM)
  • Optical projection tomography (OPT)


Bioimaging Equipment @ COLife:



Bioimaging Training @ COLife:

Optical microscopy at COLife & Friends: learning the basics

Optical microscopy at COLife & Friends: learning the basics

The “Optical microscopy at COLife and Friends - learning the basics” workshop covered the optical microscopy techniques and expertise available across COLife.

COLife community webinar: Bioimaging @COLife

COLife community webinar: Bioimaging @COLife

In this COLife webinar you will get to know: - the advantages of COLife for the Bioimaging facilities; - future COLife Bioimaging related courses and events; - unique expertise and equipment at each COLife Bioimaging facility; - overview of the size/capacity and diversity of the equipment of all COLife Bioimaging facilities

Introduction to image analysis - COLife and FCUL course

Introduction to image analysis - COLife and FCUL course

This course aims at providing researchers who are initiating microscopy-based projects with fundamental skills on digital imaging and biological image analysis. The course incorporates theoretical lectures as well as hands-on exercises which demonstrate image analysis procedures on Fiji/ImageJ, the reference open source image analysis software. Finally, trainees will learn about recording and automating image processing workflows. Trainees will be exposed to images produced by transmission, epifluorescence and confocalmicroscopes.