Optical microscopy at COLife and Friends: learning the basics

The “Optical microscopy at COLife and Friends: learning the basics” workshop covered the optical microscopy techniques and expertise available across COLife. 


You can find the recording of the course in the following links:


Know your microscope: Objective lenses, optical resolution and sampling principle 

Speaker: Davide Accardi – Champalimaud Research


Introduction to Fluorescence Microscopy and light detectors 

Speaker: Telmo Pereira – CEDOC-NMS


Confocal Microscopy and Optical Sectioning 

Speaker: José Rino – iMM-FMUL


Super-Resolution flavours at COLife

Speaker: Pedro Pereira – ITQB-UNL


High-throughput microscopy & screening

Speaker: Hugo Botelho FCUL


Mesoscopy/large-scale imaging & tissue clearing

Speaker: Gabriel Martins IGC