Flow Cytometry

    Flow Cytometry Platform at Champalimaud Research

                  Flow Cytometry and Antibodies Facility at IGC

         Flow Cytometry Unit at iMM

           Flow Cytometry Facility at NMS

In 2016, these four Flow Cytometry have founded FLxFlow – the Lisbon Flow Cytometry Network
The FlxFlow network gathers the expertise in flow cytometry in the Lisbon area and this cooperation enables the development of new protocols and solutions in line with the latest advances in the flow cytometry field, with an economy of time and effort. 
You can follow FlxFlow news and achievements on their social media:
Flow Cytometry Specialists @ COLife:
COLife and FLxFlow contact points:

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You can jointly contact the FlxFlow contact point via [email protected].


Staff at COLife Flow Cytometry Core Facilities:

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Flow Cytometry and Antibody Services @ COLife:
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Flow Cytometry Equipment @ COLife:
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Flow Cytometry Training @ COLife:

FLxFlow promotes educational events in the area of ​​flow cytometry. FLxFlow organized so far three  very successful FLxFlow Courses with theoretical seminars and days of hands-on practice sessions. These courses gathered highly recognized international speakers in the field of Flow Cytometry, great national speakers, and more than 300 attendees from academic and non-academic institutions of Portugal and all across Europe. 

FLxFlow Courses

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Future FlxFlow events:

June 23rd, 10h00: webinar on autofluorescence by Alexis Gonzalez, from Melbourne University 

October 27th: Workshop on Antibody Panel Design


FlxFlow Tech’s Café: 

The Tech’s Café is a series of seminars organized by the FLxFlow Network to raise awareness and discussion about different technologies that might be of interest for the research projects of the Portuguese scientific community working with life sciences and, in particular, with flow cytometry. The idea is to have an informal discussion about new technologies with coffee, tea and a piece of cake.

The format is hybrid: each session will be presented in person by the speaker in one of the FLxFlow institutions, while the other three institutions will attend the session via Zoom in a specific room where coffee and cake will be served. The institution hosting the seminar rotates among the four FLxFlow institutes.

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Updated on 22 september 2022

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