Plant and Food Sciences

COLife laboratories working on Food Sciences:

Food Functionality And Bioactives – Rosário Bronze Lab 

Nutraceuticals and Bioactives Process Technology – Naiara Fernández Hernández Lab 

Food Safety & Microbiology – Teresa Crespo 

Molecular Nutrition and Health – Cláudia Santos Lab


COLife laboratories working on Plant Sciences:

Proteome Regulation in Plants – Isabel Abreu Lab 

Plant Functional Genomics – Margarida Oliveira Lab 

Genetics and Genomics of Plant Complex Traits – Carlota Vaz Patto Lab 

Plant Gene Regulation – Nelson Saibo Lab 

Plant Cell Biotechnology – Pedro Fevereiro Lab

Plant Cell Biology – Rita Abranches Lab

Plant Ecophysiology and Metabolism – Ruben Vicente Lab 

Plant Reproduction and Evolution – Jörg Becker Lab

Plant-Microbiome Interactions – Ignacio Vílchez Lab 

Plant Molecular Biology – Paula Duque Lab 

Plant Stress Signaling – Elena Baena Gonzalez Lab

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