Physiology, Aging and Cancer

COLife laboratories working on Physiology, Aging and Cancer:

Advanced Cell Models – Catarina Brito Lab

Aging & Tissue Repair – Immune Modulation in Tissue Repair – Joana Neves Lab

Aging & Tissue Repair – Stem Cell Aging – Pedro-Victor Lab

Cancer Dormancy & Immunity – Ana Luísa Correia Lab 

Cancer Metabolism and Microenvironment – Jacinta Serpa Lab

Cancer Nanomedicine – João Conde Lab 

Cancer & Stem Cell Biology – Adriana Sánchez Danés Lab

Cell Architecture – Edgar Gomes Lab

Cell Fitness – Eduardo Moreno Lab

Cilia Regulation and Disease – Susana Lopes Lab

Disease Genetics – Carlos Penha Gonçalves Lab

DNA Damage and Repair – José Rueff Lab 

Immuno-Biology & Immuno-Oncology – Bruno Silva-Santos Lab

Immunophysiology – Henrique Veiga-Fernandes Lab

Integrative Biomedicine – Alisson M. Gontijo Lab 

Lymphocyte Physiology – Jocelyne Demengeot Lab

Lysosomes and Disease – Otilia V. Vieira 

Membrane Traffic in Disease – Duarte Barral Lab 

Mitochondria Biology & Neurodegeneration – Vanessa Morais Lab

Signaling in Cancer – João Barata Lab 

Spinal Cord Regeneration & Tissue Microenvironment – Leonor Saude Lab 

Stem Cells & Regeneration – Christa Rhiner Lab

Systems Oncology – Bruno Costa-Silva Lab

Telomeres, long noncoding RNAs and genome stability – Claus Maria Azzalin Lab 

Tissue Repair and Inflammation – António Jacinto Lab

Translational Clinical Physiology – Mamede de Carvalho Lab 

Translational Oncobiology – Luis Costa Lab

Tumor Morphology and Microenvironment – Ana Félix Lab 

Vascular Biology & Cancer Microenvironment – Sérgio Dias Lab

Vascular Morphogenesis – Claudio Franco Lab

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