COLife laboratories working on Neuroscience:

Advanced Cell Models – Catarina Brito Lab

Beahavior and Metabolism – Carlos Ribeiro Lab 

Behavioral Neuroscience .- Marta Moita Lab 

Cellular and Systems Neurobiology – Rosalina Alvarez Lab 

Circuit Dynamics & Computation – Alfonso Renart Lab

Clinical Research in Non-communicable Neurological Diseases – José Ferro Lab

Collective Behavior – Gonzalo de Polavieja Lab 

Cortical Circuits – Leopoldo Petreanu Lab 

Dysmetabolism in Brain Diseases – Hugo Miranda Lab 

Inflammation and Neurodegeneration – Raffaela Gozzelino Lab 

Innate Behavior – Luísa Vasconcelos Lab

Integrative Behavioral Biology – Rui Oliveira Lab

Learning – Joe Paton Lab

Mitochondria Biology & Neurodegeneration – Vanessa Morais Lab

Natural Intelligence – Daniel McNamee Lab 

Neural Circuits & Behavior – Megan Carey Lab 

Neural Mechanisms of Perception, Memory & Decision – Miguel Remondes Lab

Neurobiology of Aging & Disease – Luisa Lopes Lab

Neurogenetics of Locomotion – César Mendes Lab

Neuronal Communication & Synaptopathies – Ana Sebastião Lab

Neuronal Control of Metabolic Disturbances – Sílvia Vilares Conde Lab

Neuronal Growth and Plasticity – Rita Teodoro Lab

Neuronal Trafficking in Aging – Cláudia Almeida Lab

Neuroethology – Susana Lima Lab 

Sensorimotor Integration – Eugenia Chiappe Lab

Stem Cells & Regeneration – Christa Rhiner Lab 

Systems Neuroscience – Zach Mainen Lab 

Theoretical Neuroscience – Christian Machens Lab 

Vision to Action – Michael Orger Lab 

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Updated on 12 may 2022

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