Immunology and Infection

COLife laboratories working on Immunology and Infection:

Biology & Physiology of Malaria – Maria Mota Lab

Biology of Parasitism – Luisa Figueiredo Lab

Cell Biology of Viral Infection – Maria João Amorim Lab 

Hematology and Transplantation Immunology – João Lacerda Lab

Human Immunobiology and Pathogenesis – Helena Soares Lab

Human Immunodeficiency & Immune Reconstitution – Ana Espada de Sousa Lab

Immune Regulation – Marc Veldhoen Lab

Immune Response and Vascular Disease – José Delgado Alves Lab

Immuno-Biology & Immuno-Oncology – Bruno Silva-Santos Lab

Immunology & Primary Immunodeficiency – Luis Miguel Borrego Lab 

Inflammation – Miguel Soares Lab

Innate Immunity and Inflammation – Luís Moita Lab 

Integrated Pathophysiological Mechanisms – Nuno Neuparth Lab

Intracellular Microbial Infection Biology – Pedro Matos Pereira Lab 

Lymphocyte Regulation – Luís Graça Lab

Molecular Microbiology of Human Pathogens – Raquel Sá-Leão Lab

Molecular Microbiology & Infection – Mário Ramirez Lab

Plasmodium Infection & Anti-malarial Interventions – Miguel Prudêncio Lab

Signaling in Cancer – João Barata Lab

Structural Virology – Colin E. McVey Lab 

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Updated on 10 may 2022

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