Clinical Research

COLife laboratories working on Clinical Research:

Cancer Development & Innate Immune Evasion – Rita Fior Lab 

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Pharmacology – Sofia Pereira Lab

Cell Bioprocesses – Paula Alves Lab

Clinical Pharmacology – Joaquim Ferreira Lab

Clinical Research in Non-communicable Neurological Diseases – José Ferro Lab

Computation Clinical Imaging – Nickolas Papanikolaou Lab 

Dermatology, Skin Biology and Pathology – Paulo Filipe Lab

Drug Response and Resistance – António Sebastião Rodrigues Lab

Engineering Cellular Applications – Manuel Carrondo Lab 

Epidemiology of chronic non-communicable diseases and aging – Ana Rodrigues Lab

Epidemiology of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases – Jaime Branco Lab

Health innovation – Helena Canhão Lab

Hematology & transplantation immunology – João Lacerda Lab

Immunotherapy/Immunosurgery – Markus Maeurer Lab 

Integrated Pathophysiological Mechanisms – Nuno Neuparth 

Molecular & Experimental Pathology – Mireia Castillo-Martin Lab 

Myeloma Lymphoma – Cristina João Lab

Neuropsychiatry – Albino Oliveira-Maia Lab 

Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutical Analysis – Ana Luísa Simplício Lab

Preclinical MRI – Noam Shemesh Lab 

Radiopharmacology – Durval Costa Lab 

Rheumatology Research – João Eurico da Fonseca Lab

Signaling in Cancer – João Barata Lab

Translational Clinical Physiology – Mamede de Carvalho Lab 

Translational Oncobiology – Luis Costa Lab

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Updated on 09 may 2022

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