Cell and Developmental Biology

COLife laboratories working on Cell Biology:

Aging & Tissue Repair – Stem Cell Aging – Pedro-Victor Lab

Bacterial Cell Biology – Mariana Pinho Lab 

Cell Architecture – Edgar Gomes Lab

Cell Biology of Viral Infection – Maria João Amorim Lab – IGC

Cell Cycle Regulation – Mónica Bettencourt-Dias Lab 

Cell Signaling in DrosophilaPedro  Domingos Lab 

Chromatin & Epigenetics – Sérgio de Almeida Lab 

Chromosome Dynamics – Raquel Oliveira Lab 

Lysosomes and Disease – Otilia Vieira Lab 

Membrane Traffic in Disease – Duarte Barral Lab 

Mitochondria Biology & Neurodegeneration – Vanessa Morais

Plant Cell Biology – Rita Abranches Lab 

Proteasis and Proteolytic Signalling – Paulo Pereira Lab

RNA & Gene Regulation – Maria Carmo-Fonseca Lab 

Spinal Cord Regeneration & Tissue Microenvironment – Leonor Saude Lab 

Telomeres, long noncoding RNAs and genome stability – Claus Maria Azzalin Lab – iMM

Vascular Biology & Cancer Microenvironment – Sérgio Dias Lab


COLife laboratories working on Developmental Biology:

Cell Biology of Tissue Morphogenesis – Caren Norden Lab

Lymphocyte Development and Leukemogenesis – Vera Martins Lab

Mechanisms of Morphogenesis – Elias Barriga Lab

Microbial Development – Adriano  Henriques Lab

Patterning and Morphogenesis – Moises Mallo Lab

Proliferation and Fate Regulation in Stem Cells – Catarina Homem Lab

Stem Cells and Development – José Belo Lab

Stem Cells & Regeneration – Christa Rhiner Lab

Vascular Morphogenesis – Claudio Franco Lab

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