Biochemistry, Structural and Molecular Biology

COLife laboratories working on Biochemistry and Structural Biology:

Applied and Environmental Mycology – Cristina Silva Pereira Lab

Applied Protein Biochemistry – João Vicente Lab

Bacterial Energy Metabolism – Inês Cardoso Pereira Lab

Bioelectrochemistry and Electrobiotechnology – Felipe Conzuelo Lab

Cell Physiology and NMR – Helena Santos Lab

Chemical Biology & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology – Gonçalo Bernardes Lab

Dynamic Structural Biology – Tiago Cordeiro Lab

Functional Biochemistry of Metalloenzymes – Miguel Sepúlveda Teixeira Lab

Glycobiology – Júlia Costa Lab

Industry and Medicine Applied Crystallography – Pedro Matias Lab

Inorganic Biochemistry and NMR – Ricardo O. Louro Lab

Membrane Protein Crystallography – Margarida Archer Lab

Microbial & Enzyme Technology – Lígia O. Martins Lab

Molecular Biophysics – Pedro Matias and Tiago Bandeiras Lab

Molecular Simulation – António M. Baptista Lab

Physical Biochemistry of Drugs & Targets – Miguel Castanho Lab

Protein Modeling – Cláudio M. Soares Lab

Proteomics of Non-Model Organisms – Ana Varela Coelho Lab

Raman BioSpectroscopy – Smilja Todorovic Lab

Structural Biology  – Carlos Frazão Lab

Structural Genomics  – Maria Arménia Carrondo Lab

Structural Virology – Colin E. McVey Lab 

Xenobiotic Metabolism – Michel Kranendonk Lab 


COLife laboratories working on Molecular Biology:

Cell Line Development and Molecular Virology – Ana Coroadinha 

Chromatine & Epigenetics – Sergio Almeida Lab 

Control of Gene Expression – Cecília M. Arraiano Lab 

RNA & Gene Regulation – Maria Carmo-Fonseca Lab

Single Molecule Microbiology – Zach Hensel Lab  

Telomeres, long noncoding RNAs and genome stability – Claus Maria Azzalin Lab

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Updated on 09 may 2022

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