Dia Internacional das Mulheres e Raparigas na Ciência 2022

Nos institutos COLife promovemos a igualdade e a diversidade! Este ano, celebramos o dia Internacional das Mulheres e Raparigas na Ciência com mensagens fortes da nossa comunidade. 💬👇
11 fev 2022

“Science comes from a collaborative and creative process, nurtured by a diverse network of extraordinary minds from all over the world that explore, test, fail and repeat to unravel the unknown. How unfortunate it is to know that we have been counting on mainly one gender to lead this extraordinary mission. The people power we have been neglecting, the potential that has been overlooked and the advances we could have already accomplished over the years. Without gender equality in Science, we are not just preventing bright women from excelling, we are preventing us all from living a better life, everyday.”

 “As the Scientific Events Coordinator at Champalimaud it is my responsibility to organize events that contribute towards equity in the work environment, research design and clinical care. We are currently developing a policy focused on gender balance within organising committees, invited speakers and inclusive participation, and we are confident that, with this new plan and the specific policies it generates, we will contribute towards gender equality in Science.”

António Monteiro – Scientific Events Coordinator at Champalimaud Foundation

“The world needs science, to ensure sustainable progress science needs a plural world where women play their role. We cannot continue to waste talent.”

“Proudly, NMS has for the first time a female Dean. To tackle inequalities NOVA integrates the European project SPEAR for gender equality in academia. NOVA also founded the National Observatory of Violence and Gender, the first of its kind in Portugal.”

Paula Macedo – NMS Representative at NOVA Gender Working


Promoting gender equality in science is investing in a future where anyone can play an active role towards scientific progress and innovation – important pillars of our modern societies. In Portugal, as well as in Europe, there is a constant rise in the percent of girls pursuing scientific degrees, although this trend is still not observed at the higher-level positions. A sustained investment in gender equality policies will, thus, create the right conditions and networks to encourage and support women in their career progressions and strengthen female presence at all levels of the scientific research and innovation structure.”

 “Since 2012, iBET is led by a female CEO who is driving major strategic and operational decisions. Aiming to strengthen our gender equality balance, iBET has recently implemented a Gender Equality Plan, which included the creation of a Committee for Gender Equality and Inclusion where scientists, administrative staff, research associates, and students are represented. This committee will evaluate the gender equality performance at all levels of our organization and includes a nominated convenor who will assist anyone subjected to any type of discrimination, and who will serve as contact person with iBET’s executive committee on topics of gender discrimination.”

Gulbenkian Ciência

“Biology happens in all shapes, colours, gradients, interactions. Similarly, diverse teams make up for a healthier, more innovative and progressive scientific community.” 

“At IGC we are focused on stimulating equality in science in the sense that multiple experiences, perspectives and approaches are essential to address the challenges and questions we face in research.”

Leonor Ruivo – People Management Unit at IGC Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência


“Gender equality has to be a reality in all fractions of our society, since all ages. We should all be free to dream and achieve our goals without limitations. Only then we will be the best versions of ourselves, to extract the best of our differences and that is what makes science to progress.”

 “At our institute we can still observe gender imbalance mainly at top positions, such as principal investigators. However, I am very fortunate to feel completely free to think, apply for calls, attend a meeting, participate in the social life of the institute, contribute with critical thinking . . . regardless of gender. Even though much has been achieved in relation to gender equality, we must never forget that inequality is still very present in our society, and we, as institutions, must play an active role in transforming our society to avoid perpetuating gender inequality. At iMM, a Gender and Equality plan has been drafted and a new working group is being assembled to work deeply on this important issue. Stay tuned for the next developments.” 

Inês Bento – Postdoc at Maria Mota Lab at Instituto de Medicina Molecular


“Gender equality is important in all aspects of our society. Pursuing Gender Equality in science is important to overcome discrimination based on gender, to overcome intrinsic biases and to erase  outdated ideas that there are professions that should not be accessible to a specific gender. With so many challenges facing our future, we can’t afford to let go of half of our creative potential based on gender discrimination.”

“At, ITQB-NOVA, we have, since 2019, a gender equality group, with representatives of technical and admin staff, students, postdocs, and principal researchers. With the gender equality working group we have actively participated in the development of NOVA’s Gender Equality Plan, that will be implemented at the university over the next years. Also, we participate in a European consortium and community of practices with other European Institutes to share good practices and experiences on policies for gender.”

Nuno Monteiro – Head of maintenance | Member of the ITQB NOVA gender equality commission.

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