“Conversation with scientists – Decades of Science for Vaccine days”


The campaign Conversations with scientists – Decades of science for vaccine days will promote conversations between scientists and the public about the main differences between the vaccines against COVID-19 and the decades of scientific research that allowed the development of these vaccines in record time, ensuring its effectiveness and safety.

Between April 20 and April 30 , about 400 sessions , involving more than a hundred researchers, from various fields of knowledge will take place online. Aimed at different audiences, available in Portuguese or in English, these sessions are free but require a mandatory prior registration.

This campaign promotes online debate sessions between scientists and citizens of all ages. The sessions are divided between general public, the school community, and organised groups of citizens, and run from 20 to 30 April 2021. Participating in the campaign is free of charge, but registration is mandatory: https://www.cienciaviva.pt/en/scientific-dissemination/vaccines-covid19/

If you are a teacher with a class from 2nd cycle to secondary school, register now for one of the more than 300 sessions for school classes. If you would like to promote a lecture in your company, association or group, you can do so by registering in the available times for groups and organisations. Register individually in the more than 20 sessions available for the general public.

This is a response by the scientific community to inform, explain and clarify how the creation of vaccines against COVID-19 is based on decades of solid scientific research that make the vaccination for this disease safe.