Driven by their passion about science and science communication, the COLife scientists and community at large have been promoting a series of outreach initiatives with the goal of strengthening the links between science and society.


  • Ar Magazine

“Humans of Science” – Inspired by the “Humans of New York” project, this is a collection of mini-stories about science

 “Life of PI” – Biographies of Principal Investigators (PI), or research group leaders 

“Science Snapshots” – Series of short videos about the research developed at the Champalimaud Center for the Unknown


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  • IGC: Science animations 

My genes (in PT) 

We the fantastic living being (in PT) 

History of science: The Superhero Fly (in PT) 


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  • Scientists at Home

          ITQB NOVA


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A scientist, a medical doctor and a patient are brought together around one same question. This is the motto for a new cycle of public talks organized by iMM scientists. Scientific and health discoveries may strongly impact the future of human health and we believe that discussing these topics as a society are of utmost importance.


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  • Healthy eating during COVID-19 and children activities handbook

Since many children have changed their routines due to the confinement caused by the pandemic COVID-19, this handbook presents proposals for diet and activities that can be adopted at home for families with children.
This document gathers a variety of information about the importance of food in children’s health and development; simple rules for healthy eating at any time of the year; some special precautions that to be taken during this period; and creates the opportunity for learning how to prepare quality family meals. This manual was published by the National Program for the Programa Nacional para a Promoção da Alimentação Saudável (PNPAS) da Direção-Geral da Saúde and is targeted to parents, educators and teachers.


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