Ventilators are key to the treatment of patients with SARS-CoV-2 in the event of severe respiratory failure. Increasing the number of available hospital ventilators is essential. Countless initiatives around the world aim to do just that. In Portugal some initiatives involve members of COLife.


Air4All was born out of a group of strangers who came together for two weeks to assemble a prototype ventilator with volume and pressure control, as well as breathing assistance. The system uses components of medical devices mounted as modules that work independently that can be re-adapted in the event of a stockout. The development of this prototype is based on the following premises:

1) Open source for ease of reproduction in various scenarios

2) Use of certified components

3) Without any technical restrictions in breathing assistance

4) No commercial interest


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This initiative was created to respond to the lack of hospital resources in the fight against COVID-19. It has a wide voluntary community that seeks to develop global solutions that are quick and easy to implement anywhere.
The initial aim of ProjectOpenAir was to develop open source ventilators that can easily be replicated anywhere. However, other projects quickly emerged, including vent2life – a platform that facilitates healthcare institutions to repair ventilators and other inoperable medical equipment free of charge; and Front Line Medic Protection – the first reusable kit for the total protection of healthcare professionals against COVID-19, certified and produced in Portugal; etc.

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NOVA Medical School started a fundraising campaign, with companies and individuals, for the purchase of ventilators that will be donated to the National Health System.

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Other Collaborative Efforts